Mental Health & Finance


Everyone knows someone who is suffering from some form of mental illness. Needless to say, it’s even worse for people who are struggling financially.

The poll for the new policy institute Money and Mental Health (set up by MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis) found that almost 3 in 4 people who have experienced problems with their mental health said it made their financial situation even worse.

And it’s not just about having less money to spend if they are out of work. 93% said that when they were unwell, they had a tendency to spend more, and 92% said they found it harder to make financial decisions.

Fair for You’s services are all on-line, so those with mental health issues do not need to feel pressured into going into a shop and possibly being upsold to a more expensive item. We’ll give you a call to talk you through your loan application and make sure you’re happy with everything. We know our customers appreciate this – just check out our customer reviews on TrustPilot.



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